Every woman has the right to feel like a queen,
beauty shines in each of us, it is enough to know how to value it

It is from the combination of experience and passion of two great professionals in the medical and aesthetic field that the line of cosmetic products, face and body, Almarò by Alessandra Ricchizzi, is born.

At the base of the philosophy of Dr. Marco Iera, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon and Alessandra Ricchizzi, Italian Facialist of international fame, nominated by the most important fashion magazines in the Top ten of facialists in the world, there is the thought that our skin is the result of what we give as daily nourishment and what is dedicated to it.

“This is how the Almarò line was born, the result of a mix of powerful and precious raw materials, chosen with care and attention, to meet the individual and different needs of customers.

It is the birth of a project that we have followed in every step, the result of in-depth studies and research, also making use of the support of a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled specialists in the chemical, pharmaceutical, dermatological and medical aesthetic fields. The products, the fragrances, the names, the packaging, everything has been chosen with care and attention ”.

The creams have been made with natural products, without parabens and petrolatum, to minimize the risk of allergies.

This is how Almarò by Alessandra Ricchizzi was born, a 100% Made in Italy brand, a niche line, refined, dedicated to a demanding clientele, who loves to differentiate themselves.

Alessandra Ricchizzi

Alessandra Ricchizzi

Marco Iera
Chirurgo plastico